The Comité



Comité Mistral is an association dedicated to promote the brands of Provence and Côte d’Azur .Modernity and tradition, expertise, innovation and creation are the values upheld by Comité  Mistral on the international scene through high added-value collective events.



The members of Comité Mistral are firms whose sectors of activity are linked to life style and the art of living; they are amongst the most prestigious in their sector. The membership requires meeting rigorous criteria: they are deeply rooted in their regional environment by their history, fame and international distribution. They have a recognized expertise in their field, guided by standards of excellence and doing their utmost to uphold brands whose identification contributes to the international image of Provence and Côte d’Azur.



Comité Mistral’s main goal is to create a favorable environment for the collective and individual development of brands from Provence and Côte d’Azur. It contributes to the promotion of their products and to the acknowledged quality of their expertise. Comité Mistral participates in the dynamism of its members’ activities in France and abroad, setting up joint actions in the field of communication and marketing. Comité Mistral is also a  privileged Ambassador for a region that is well known and highly regarded throughout the world.


    •             Founder members
    •             Members co-opted by the board of directors because they have an international strategy
    •             Associate members
    A steering committee of twelve members elected for four years designates its representatives to the Board.
    Following the last general meeting, on 12 December 2012, the Board is composed of the following members:
    •             President: JA.CHARIAL ( Oustau de Baumanière )
    •             Vice-President: A .LECHACZYNSKI ( Verrerie de Biot)
    •             Secretary: B.NICOLETTI (Domaine de Toasc)
    •             Treasurer: A.Pons ( Lièges Mélior)
    The sectors involved fall into the sectors of life style, the art of living, well-being and culture:
    •             Luxury hotels and restaurants
    •             Châteaux and wine estates
    •             Home furnishings, tableware, perfumes, soaps and cosmetics
    •             Fabrics and clothing
    •             Publishing and prestigious events


Each year, Comité Mistral establishes an annual plan of action based on collective promotional campaigns for life style and the art of living in Provence, ensuring support to their members in their international development. The first campaigns involved Canada (Montreal), Russia (Moscow) and China (Shanghai). They consisted of putting in place public relations and events(press conferences, tv and radio broadcasts) and commercial campaigns (mini shows) around the theme of ‘Life style and the art of living in Provence’. Executed with the support of several partners from the public and the private sectors, they highlighted both the expertise of the Comité Mistral members and the excellence of the image of the region.