AOP Bellet



Ideally situated on the heights of Nice, on the western hillside of the Plaine Du Var, in 10 minutes of the banks of the Baie Des Anges, the Domaine De Toasc is a 12 hectares property on which are planted 6 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive trees. He participates in the fame of Bellet, one of the smallest protected designation of origin of France, which obtained its label more than 60 years ago. In the Domaine De Toasc, the wind of earth, sea and the tramontana maintain the sanitary state of vineyards, allow a reasoned culture.

So, on the slopes where the made uneven reaches 180 meters, the works is manually often practised and given rhythm by anti mildew treatments, a short size cutting, a thinning-out of leaves and green grape harvests limiting the return to 35 hl/ha. Grounds stemming from alluviums of the Var in the quaternary are constituted by the agglomerate of clay, sand and rolled pebbles, rich in mineral elements.

All the conditions are gathered to produce a true Bellet. After their intense efforts, the adventure of Bernard and Jacqueline Nicoletti begins to wear his fruits because the 2003 red had obtained the gold, this year it is the 2007 rosé which received the golden medal in the competition of the independent wine growers. The magnificent notation of the 2007 white comes to confirm the talent of the wine growers.


Key points

213 Chemin De Crémat
T. + 33 (0)4 92 15 14 14
F. + 33 (0)4 92 15 14 00

>Domaine :
12 hectares

>Vignes :
7 hectares

>Cépages :
Folle Noire, Braquet, Rolle

>Production :
30 000 Cols

>Distribution :
France / Suisse

>Chiffre d’affaires :
400 000 Euros

>Effectif :
3 personnes

>Gérant :
B. Nicoletti