AOC Bandol



Heirs to a rich wine-making tradition handed down from their father and grandfather, the Bunans continue to preserve and uphold the authenticity and integrity of their vineyards. In 1961, Paul and Pierre Bunan, men steeped in the wine-growing lore of the Mediterranean, fell in love with an estate in the Bandol region, a noble and widely respected wine growing area in the south of France.

Paul’s son, Laurent, returned to the family estate after completing his studies in oenology and winemaking in California. He was the first of the next generation to open the doors to a newer and more modern approach. Today he is in charge of the export and development of the Domaines Bunan. His sister Françoise is in charge of the communications with art playing a central role in her strategy.

Pierre’s daughter Claire, has qualified in the field of wine marketing. Her brother Philippe hopes to become an agricultural engineer.

The combined talents of this family unite to create a warm, welcoming and highly skilled team. Excellence and authenticity are the hallmarks of this family who pride themselves on producing wines of exceptional quality.


Key points

Mo u l i n d e s C o s t e s – B P 1 7
8 3 7 4 0 L A C ADI È R E D’ A Z U R
T. + 3 3 ( 0 ) 4 9 4 9 8 5 8 9 8
F. + 3 3 ( 0 ) 4 9 4 9 8 6 0 0 5


>Propriété familiale fondée en 1961

>Vignes :

60 ha de vignes AOC Bandol
10 ha de vignes AOC Côte de Provence
10 ha de vignes Vin de Pays du Mont Caume

>Cépages :
Mourvèdre, Grenache,
Cinsault, Syrah…

>Production :
10 000 caisses de rosé Bandol
8 000 caisses de rouge Bandol
1 800 caisses de blanc Bandol

>Distribution :
Export dans 30 pays Europe, États-Unis, Asie
CHR, Vente à la cave…

>Chiffre d’affaires :
2,5 millions d’Euros

>Effectif :
20 personnes