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MARCEL CARBONELSantons de Provence

Since 1900, Victor Carbonel, Marcel's father made nativity scenes using cork, which were sold at the annual Christmas Santon Fair in Marseille. Marcel started to work on figurines and modelling clay when we was very young . His first own creations were made in 1935. In 1961,  he was honoured with the title of "Meilleur ouvrier de France" (best craftsmen in France )
More than 100 years of passion and traditions took place throughout four generations.
Santon craftsmanship is a popular art. It’s a simple art form, genuine and sincere in its inspiration, and rudimentary in its technique, which enables you to really push the limits of your imagination. The santon craftsman is skilful, observant, creative and inspired. From just the clay and your hands, then a paintbrush, you can turn the real into legend, and give birth to a Santon set in the posture that distinguishes him from others and makes him worthy of a place amongst the folk of lore of Provençal mythology.
While visiting the workshop, you will discover the different steps of the art of making figurines : stamping, moulding, trimming,cooking, color making, and decoration.
Feel free to enjoy a visit at our museum. You will be taken on a rich journey through time (18th, 19th, 20th centuries and modern day) and all over the world.
More than two thousands four hundred items are there to guide you in your discovery of past and present techniques, from here and abroad: rough soil, terracotta, polychrome, carved wood, corn, cork, wood and paper, wood and fabric, wood and lead, Murano spun glass, plaster, ceramics, porcelain...
The Marcel Carbonel Museum also houses some of the greatest international names: Puccinelli, Volaire, Gaubert-Caillol, Guiomar, Grasso, Peppe, Guichard, Famille Neveu, Filippi, Berger, Pontet, Abramo Grotaglie, Lagnel, Marie Simon, Abbot Sumien, Jouve, Griscione, Cruz Avalos, Pierre Graille...


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Santons Marcel Carbonel
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Entreprise artisanale et familiale membre

d’Atelier d’Art de FranceFabrication :

Santons de Provence traditionnels en argile
et décorés à la gouache 

Production :
150.000 pièces 

Distribution :
France 90%, export 10% 

Chiffre d’affaires 
: 1 .500 K€ 

Effectif :
29 personnes 

Label :
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant 

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