JEAN MUSArchitecte de jardins

Jean Mus was initiated to the world of gardens by his father, a Chief Gardener of an extraordinary park of 3 hectares, and received a solid education during his childhood at the Villa Croisset, in close contact with the aristocracy of the time. At fourteen, he learned about Ferdinand Bac, an architect, painter and cartoonist who dressed the gardens of the De Croisset; and at seventeen, he met Russell Page while visiting the garden with his father. Jean Mus' passion was born. This early vocation led him to study several years in Antibes and then at Versailles.

Following some introductory courses in the PACA region, Jean Mus opened his office in 1966 in Grasse. Actively promoting new possibilities and techniques to garden lovers like himself, his passion and talent, along with word of mouth, helped him grow his business and continue his adventure. Through the years, Jean Mus collaborated with the best architects, contractors, artisans and gardeners and planted gardens and parks throughout the East of Provence and other Mediterranean regions that corresponded well to his vision and identity. To date, more than 1,300 gardens were created by the office of Jean Mus, from project conception and management to execution.

Jean Mus' passion for communicating about the world of gardens also shows at the many conferences he participates in the world over. Also, Jean Mus has produced films and books, aided by a talented team of 3 - Florence Mus, Guillaume Maurin and Jean-Jacques Piasco who largely contributed to the passing down of Jean Mus' knowledge to future generations.

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