KOOKABARRAExpert en jus de fruits frais

Kookabarra is a 13 years Old start up Of 17 persons in Avignon. 
Kookabarra proposes High Quality Fresh Fruits Juices in different flavours 

Jéremie Marcuccilli, the CEO . 
« My passion for fresh/y squeezed juice cornes from the wonderfu/ experience I had while travelling through Australia in 2003. I discovered û delightful bird, whose purpose was to live and be happy. The motivation of the Kookaburro bird inspired me to nome the company motto Kookaburro. Thanks to the Kookoburra bird our business activity was creoted and a BARRA JUICE was barn. Today, the Kookobarra Juice Corporation is proud to be the first company to make and deliver fresh squeezed natural fruit juice, conservable for up to 12 days to clients (hotel, restaurant, bar, lounge...) who search luxary quolity product.  Real, nutritional fresh squeezed fruit juice that everyone can enjoy every day of the week.» 

Quality is the motif of every aspect of the production process*, starting by selecting fresh fruit in order to make the freshest fruit juice possible. The difference between Kookabarro Juice and common fruit juice market:
• Out of this world flavour and incredible finesse
• Nutritiona/ taste: the vitomins provided (BI, C, A, D, E) above average (around 400/0)
*HACCP method (en vert)

We have obtained a new patented process, the DI_C+ (time before use) which guarantees 14 days of freshness ans brings the same gustative and nutritional taste as the first
squeezing day

This new service fits perfectly the market because demand corresponds completely
With the Kookabarra mantto :
reliable: fresh, healthy o- long lasting.
Quality control in their laboratory With COFRAC accreditation,

Nature is the base of our spirit It gives the virtues that the human being needs
to survive in the world todoy;: work, leisure, outdoor e- fitness activities..
"Environmental values* to make the most of our well being, our life, our children
and our future.'
*Row material, packaging and ink recycling


Fiche Pro - Key points

135 Avenue Pierre Semard
84000 Avignon

Sélection des meilleures matières premières en fonctions des saisons et de l'expertise de nos producteurs

Être le passeur de goût entre la richesse de notre terroir et les palais des Chefs de Cuisines les plus exigeants

2500 bouteilles/h de jus de fruits frais pressés à froid (entre O et 40C) et composés que de fruits et légumes fraîchement cueillis DISTRIBUTION :Cafés, Hôtels et Restaurants haut de gamme

4 000 000 €

17 personnes

Jérémie Marcuccilli