Sometimes a simple childhood memory is sufficient to model a life – a memory buried deep in the heart, like an indelible mark which ends up shaping a destiny. The destiny of Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard is tied to certain scents. Those that greeted her arrival in Provence, reminiscent of delightful strolls at dusk when the hills exhale the earth’s vapours.
A singular and authentic story which she shares through exceptional perfumes. Perfumed objects decorated with patterns inspired by the cement floor tiles that decorated the family home where she used to play as a child, conceived as modern day jewels to make your daily life more beautiful.

Each Rose et Marius creation is hand-made in France by talented craftsmen who devote their ancestral savoir-faire to the service of excellence. In 2017, Rose et Marius was the laureate of the prize for Fine Arts and Craftsmanship in the region Provence, Alpes Côte d'Azur. Meet our Rose et Marius craftsmen and discover their stories.

Rose et Marius first saw the light of day in a pretty Provençal village. Aware of the fragility of this wild and vulnerable environment, Rose et Marius has a heartfelt commitment to sustainable development. Rose et Marius committed to preserving the famous creeks or “calanques” along the region’s coastline by financing a reforestation project designed to limit the impact of forest fires and to raise the awareness of the younger generation about ecological questions.
Furthermore, Rose et Marius collections are made using natural ingredients from Provence and, as far as possible, by local craftsmen in our region. Our cosmetic formulae are composed by hand, using natural raw materials and high quality, local ingredients free from paraben, palm oil and EDTA.

Our collections evolve constantly and new models of candle cups are regularly added to our range. All year long, we invite you to discover our limited editions of unique designs. Rose et Marius also produces made-to-measure models for our private clients. Privileged moments where emotion and rarity become one under the spell of exquisite craftsmanship.

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