PLANTINLe Gout de la Truffe depuis 1930

Ideally located in Provence at the heart of the three main truffle markets (Richerenches, Carpentras and Valreas), Plantin House has specialized in truffles and dried mushrooms since 1930.

Following  in  his  father’s  footsteps,  Christopher  Poron  now  runs  the  family  business alongside Nicolas Rouhier, who holds a true passion for truffles. Recognized for the quality of their precise and expert sorting, they rely on the expertise of excellence to acquire the most notable varieties, such as the magnificent Tuber Melanosporum, in France, Spain and Australia.

With over 83 years of experience, Plantin offers a great selection of fresh and preserved truffles, dried morels, chanterelles and porcini mushrooms, as well as a variety of truffle flavoured oils, vinegars and condiments.

Thanks to their consistent quality and their attentive service, Plantin is now a benchmark house in the world of truffles and fine dining. The company caters to many Michelin starred chefs,  the  finest  restaurants,  and  luxury  international  hotels.  From  their European base, French truffles and other exceptional products provided by Plantin are exported to every corner of the world, from New York to Hong Kong.


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Route de Nyons
84110 Puymeras - France
Tel. : 04 90 46 41 44
Fax : 04 90 46 47 04
Horaires d'ouvertures:
Du Lundi au Vendredi
7h30 - 12h00    13h30 - 16h00

Site internet

12 Millions d’Euros

Products handled
Truffe noire tuber melanosporum, truffe d’été Tuber aestivum

25 tonnes de truffes traités

18 salariés

50% France 50% Export
Nicolas Rouhier et Christopher Poron