CASADISAGNE designs and manufactures high quality decorative lightings : lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights.
We combine traditional manufacturing techniques along with an elegant and contemporary style.

Founded twenty years ago, CASADISAGNE still maintains its requirements to manufacture in France.
In our workshops in Provence, near Avignon, our know-how, combining traditional and current techniques, is expressed in a high-quality work where requirement and precision are prime contractors.

CASADISAGNE combines noble materials and traditional techniques to make quality a top priority.
Specialized in brass metal work, CASADISAGNE designs its models to take advantage of the qualities of this metal which allows all creations.

Patina is created with time. Thus revealing all the nuances of brass and the depth of the material. 
Our homemade patinas black and matt gold are obtained using the traditional techniques of oxidation, dyeing and waxing.
Brass is also the ideal medium for surface treatments that strengthen the contemporary look of our designs, such as nickel or brushed nickel.

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ZI Des Iscles, Avenue des îles 13160 Châteaurenard

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Monday - Friday : 9:00 - 17:00 
Saturday - Sunday : Fermé